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Join me and 11 other women as we share our journey of navigating ministry and the marketplace. Every chapter brings the story of a different entrepreneur as she shares her story of fear, loss, victory, and triumph. If you are wondering how you can maintain your Christian values in your career/business or need inspiration for your work environment, then this is the book for you!

In my chapter, I open up about the highs and lows of my career as an educator and the start of my entrepreneurial journey. I share how FEAR kept me in a career that was no longer fulfilling and how that same FEAR drove me from my growing tutoring business back into that same career. Have you ever let FEAR keep you in a situation that you should have left a long time ago? Well that was me for such a long time. However, in my chapter, I provide you with practical steps you can implement IMMEDIATELY to push past your fears and live the life you deserve!

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Beverly Walthour is a certified Business and Social Media Strategist. She started her 1st business in 2007 and has successfully started 3 more businesses since then. She specializes in helping women, who work full-time and want to start an online business, with the strategies and resources needed to gain clarity, visibility and clients.  She has also conducted trainings all over the United States, is a Keynote speaker, and a contributor for various online publications. She was a middle school math teacher for 14 years. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, lying on the beach, and spending time with friends and family.