How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Online Business

Using social media is a great way to grow your online business. Below are 3 tips you can use to optimize your Facebook Business Page to Grow your Online Business. If you want to see all of my tips in action, then check out my video:

Tip #1: Have a Great Banner and Profile Picture

When people land on your Facebook business page those are going to be the first two things that they see, so you definitely want to make sure that when they hit your page they know who you are, and what it is that you do. Make sure you have quality pictures for both.

The second thing, your actual profile picture. There are usually two schools of thought about the picture itself, and I am of the school of thought that if you are the face behind your brand then you should have your picture here as your profile picture. I know some people put their logos up, but once again people do business with people. If they can see who that person is behind that Facebook business page then it makes them just a little bit more prone to want to actually find out more about that person. Make sure that you do have a clear profile picture on your Facebook business page.

Tip #2: Completely Fill Out Your About Section

A lot of people don’t fill that information out. Do note that when people find out about you, they go to your Facebook business page to check you out. You want to provide them with as much information as possible in this section.

A very important portion in the About section to complete is the STORY. One way to ensure you address this section completely is to implement the We, You, I strategy. Start off talking about your ideal client, then you talk about what you will achieve together, then end it by talking about yourself.

Tip #3: Create Engaging Content

To help increase engagement on your Facebook Business Page, you want to ensure that you have engaging content that your ideal client is interested in. These post can include tips and tricks, recipes, quotes, how to’s, and behind the scenes. One type of post I strongly recommend is Live videos. FB is really pushing the use of FB Live, and it is a great way to increase your know like trust factor!


These are just 3 tips you can implement to grow your online business. If you want to view additional tips, click here to download my FREE Checklist: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Online Business.


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Beverly Walthour

Beverly Walthour is a Business Strategist for professional women who work full-time and want to start an online business. She empowers women with the strategies, tools, and support needed to Gain Clarity. Gain Visibility. Gain Clients!


  • Elizabeth O

    Reply Reply April 19, 2017

    All excellent tips to help the new business blogger get off to a good start! I would add to advertise on FB too. The rates are quite good. 🙂

  • eazynazy

    Reply Reply April 12, 2017

    these are really great tips. thanks for sharing

    • Beverly Walthour

      April 12, 2017

      You’re welcome!

  • Stacey

    Reply Reply April 10, 2017

    I noticed increased traffic after I put some effort into my about section, so I agree you should take the time to do it.

    • Beverly Walthour

      April 11, 2017

      It really does help people to get to know more about you!

  • Only By Land

    Reply Reply April 10, 2017

    I recently added my full face picture to my profile on my Facebook page and it’s getting a good response. You are right people need to know the face they are dealing with. I’m going to check my about section next, I don’t think it’s complete. Thanks for the tips Beverly!

    • Beverly Walthour

      April 10, 2017

      You’re welcome! Making that human connection is so key!

  • Krysti

    Reply Reply April 10, 2017

    Excellent tips! I know so many people that can benefit from reading this. Will share!

    • Beverly Walthour

      April 10, 2017

      Thank you. Definitely feel free to share!

  • Obi

    Reply Reply April 9, 2017

    Looks like I will have to sign up for a few of these!

    • Beverly Walthour

      April 11, 2017

      Make sure you do 🙂

  • Nati

    Reply Reply April 9, 2017

    Thanks for those tips, I have never tried live videos, maybe I should take a closer look though.

    • Beverly Walthour

      April 9, 2017

      Going live is definitely a great way to connect with your community!

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