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Beverly Walthour

I see you doing everything "right" in your coaching or consulting business, but you are still not creating consistent clients & income.

...And you’re tired of living beneath the greatness that you were designed for.

Intellectually, you know that God has ordained you to be the head and not the tail…above and not beneath. But for some reason you’re not EXPERIENCING that ease and flow in your life or your business.

Your reality shouldn’t be…

  • Downloading every FREE pdf, challenge, or ebook trying to figure out how to get fully booked out
  • Sitting on webinar after webinar feeling frustrated and confused because you can't ask questions because it's a recording
  • Investing in $97, $297, or $497 courses that leave you feeling lost and empty in a sea of people

Instead, that time and energy could TOTALLY be spent on growing your successful business by serving your dream clients.

As the Business Strategist women of faith, I can help you shift from uncertainty to flow by showing you how to create consistent clients, generate consistent cash and do the work that feeds your soul.

Your WHY is clear. You're just confused about HOW.

...And you just can’t sit on your God-given gifts any longer.

Problem is, you’re not getting the results from those pdf's, webinars and courses, because they are designed for the masses (not YOUR specific coaching or consulting business).

But deep down, you know that if you knew how to apply the information to  your business, you would be on the road to time & financial FREEDOM!

With technology shifting drastically and new tactics to learn, how do you even find the time to get up-to-speed with everything ON TOP OF serving clients and customers?

The answer is: you partner with someone who’s already been there and done that.

I’ve helped women from all over the world successfully create consistent clients & income.

These women have the time and financial freedom to lead the lives they feel called to, without all the guilt, constant worry and frustrating confusion.

Want to identify the exact system that helps you market yourself to create a steady flow of clients & income?

You deserve 1-on-1 support from someone who mirrors your values.

There’s no shortage of gurus, coaches and experts out there who really know their stuff! But the question is: are they truly aligned with your values?

As a Chrisitan, I know that this is about MORE than just your business. It’s about your purpose here on Earth.

...And your purpose is nothing to play with!

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re well-versed in Scripture. So you know what happens with unequally yoked partnerships…

They fail. Epically.

You’re at the point in your life where you can’t afford to be derailed from your destiny. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to pour into women like you who are chasing purpose and not just a paycheck.

There’s no doubt about it: coaching/consulting is the highest margin business model. But, so many people struggle to make consistent revenue because they don’t know how to create consistent clients.

But, I can help you break every chain that’s keeping you from being the successful, Proverbs 31 (business) woman you’ve been called to be.

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Building a business is hard work, and my personalized 1:1 coaching and group programs cater to your unique demands. Together, we will get crystal clear on:

  • WHO you serve & the results you help them get
  • HOW to serve them by repacking your current services into a more IMPACTFUL offer that you can sell for at least $3,000
  • HOW & WHERE to show up so that you attract high-paying clients in 12 weeks or less
  • And much more! Each client of mine receives individual training specific to where you need it most.
Hiring a business coach can help you with the unique demands of your business

What's included with my private coaching packages?

My 1:1 coaching sessions are very limited, so act now!

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My intensive with Bev was just that intensive! Bev dug deep into my coaching offers and helped me restructure and reprice them to better align with the market and my expertise. Bev helped me pull out a more detailed version of my ideal client by digging deeper into her psychographics and real pain points so that I may speak her language.

Bev challenged me to up level my executive coaching offers and add another level. I took immediate action and saw immediate return on my investment by making some of the recommended adjustments and secured a new coaching client later that same day!

- Kim Dixon

Leadership Coach

Before working with Business Strategist Beverly Walthour, my business (publication) was at a complete stand still. I had no idea as to how to proceed with the next steps of my business. I found out about Beverly through an article she wrote in Incline Magazine. I read the article and was interested to know more about her business. I viewed a few of Beverly’s webinar and became interested in her expertise of helping women start and grow their business.

 I am proud to say that Beverly is my Business Strategist. Her expertise as a Business Strategist has helped me to launch my magazine publication online.

Inspirational Today is now an up and running publication. She guided me through the necessary steps to get the publication out to the world. She is very professional and knowledgeable of the information that is needed to complete the task.

 Working with Beverly is a true investment. For anyone looking to start or grow their businesses, I highly recommend her. It took less than 30 days to get my publication released online. I am proof that her expertise produces real results.

Tiajwana Stevens

Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Inspirational Today Magazine

OMG Beverly! I just had to let you know thanks to your suggestion of using the speaking tool for Google docs I was able to cut my writing process in half and achieve the same results in less time. I was shocked when I noticed I had only spent 2 1/2 hours and completed all 4 blog post, inspired messages, and post graphics for the whole month of May. This process easily takes 4 1/2 to 5 hours because I use to manually type up all my writing. Thank you, this was a simple but much-needed tool. I am super excited to get more accomplished now with writing and saving time.

When I first came to you I had attempted my first 90 days launching a new book and website on my own, however, I did not know anyone actually successfully running and making money from a full-time online business.  I'm grateful to learn all that I can from you. Oh, and I'm having fun in the process. I like that you give me direct feedback but we can laugh, all the same, you are just easy to talk with and I enjoy this journey. Also, I think the biggest thing I feel like after every call or session I have all these big ideas but then you come and give me the clarity and hope to continue on.

Tahira "Ty" Neckles

C.E.O. at

I booked a TV show, a Radio Show, and a $50,000 VIP Client Today!


YES, booking that Breakthrough call was the start of amazing things for me.

And I had to hustle up the $27 for the Challenge that week. Like yeah book a call. Do the work..invest the money in YOURSELF. The money is not about Beverly Walthour it is about YOU being willing to invest in your own Success.

We can do ALL things through Christ. I choose to walk and talk and do business like I believe that. And everything is changing. Everything.

- Shamaka Schumake

Liberation Life Strategist

Kendra Sette

Beverly is a truly astronomical woman, teacher, coach and hands down the best investment I have made in my business. She has a way of looking at your business and giving you the best raw and honest feedback and advice. She not only helped me with pricing my services, she also helped me with my self-confidence and worth. Two things that I thought I already possessed. She has an eye for building up a person and business/service she believes in. After working with her for ONLY 1 month, I made $3,500!  I would have paid twice the amount Beverly charged me, this is how much I recommend her coaching.

- Kendra Sette

I've had many coaching before Beverly but felt like a number or as if I had to fight through a crowd just to get my question in. But with Beverly I never felt like I was being sold.

We really connected during our session and from this I was able to gain clarity of who my target is, their pain points, and the different packages I can offer them along their journey to mastering self esteem and business. With this information along my messaging has changed and now I'm able to reach my ideal client and provide them with world class service.

- Kimesha Coleman

Self-Esteem Enhancement Expert

I went into the Intensive Session VERY nervous about what to expect because this is my first real step towards starting my business. Beverly definitely put me at ease. She was very patient as I got my ideas "out of my head".

She gives you detailed strategies on how to move your business forward and reiterates that your work WON'T work, if you DON'T DO the work. I came out of the session nervous, but better prepared to get this train moving :).

I was able to book sales calls less a week after our session after NOT having booked sales calls before.

- Sonja Foster

Success Advocate