4 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money in Your Business (Part 2)

So many of us had high hopes when we started our online business. Most of us started it with the hopes of creating Financial and Time FREEDOM. However, it has been far from that. We spend countless hours working in our business with the biggest focus on trying to figure out how to create a consistent stream of clients.

Last week, I did a 4 part series on the 4 reasons you are not making money in your business. In that video, I talked about how to conduct market research so that you already know who will buy your next product or service BEFORE you release it. The response to that video was INCREDIBLE. If you did not get a chance to view it, you can do so here.

This week, I continued the series by looking at your ideal client. If you are not clear on who will BUY from you, then you are going to struggle to get consistent clients. Ready for your consistent clients? Make sure to check out the video below and feel free to leave a comment. Join my FREE Facebook Group: Authentic Female Entrepreneurs.

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Beverly Walthour

Beverly Walthour is a Business Strategist for Christian female coaches and consultants. She helps you attract high paying clients in 12 weeks or less!

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