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I see you doing everything "right" in your coaching or service based business, but you are still not consistently hitting 6-Figure QUARTERS...

…And you’re frustrated with trying to figure out why things appear to “no longer be working”.

Intellectually, you know that God has ordained you to be the head and not the tail…above and not beneath. But for some reason, you’re not EXPERIENCING that ease and flow in your life or your business like you once were.

Your reality shouldn’t be that you have raised your prices…

ESPECIALLY since as an Established Christian Female Coach or a Service Provider for Coaches, You have already PROVEN that your clients get TRANSFORMATIONS (which is NEXT LEVEL when it comes to results) when they work with you…So hitting $100k+ in 90 days or less should be EASY!

It’s time that you are unapologetic about the fact that you have stepped into your NEXT LEVEL… and your $5,000, $15,000, and $20,000 price tags reflect this.

As the Business Strategist for Established Christian Female Coaches and Service Providers for Coaches, I’m ready to show you how my clients are implementing Kingdom Principles to Package and Price their Offers, Generate Qualified Leads, Elevate their Mindset and Messaging, and Rapidly generate $100k+ in 90 days!

“Open the Flood Gates of Heaven , let it rain….  

I used your script format!!! Just booked my 2nd for my Master Mind Program, need 8 More!!! “


She closed $11,000 in 4 DAYS! 

- Sherry Self

-Purpose Coach and Mentor

Your WHY is clear. You’re just confused about HOW.

…And you just can’t sit on your God-given gifts any longer.

The problem is, when you raised your prices, you did not shift your:

  1. Messaging
  2. Mindset
  3. Structure of Your Offer
  4. Sales Process

Because of this, you are attracting people who say that “they can’t afford” or “they have to pray about it” when it comes to investing in your services. 

But deep down, you know that if you knew how to apply the information to your business, you would be on the road to time & financial FREEDOM!

With technology shifting drastically and new tactics to learn, how do you even find the time to get up-to-speed with everything ON TOP OF serving clients and customers?

The answer is: you partner with someone who’s already been there and done that.

I’ve helped women from all over the world successfully shift from 5-Figure MONTHS to 6-figure QUARTERS. 

The beautiful part about this is that they do it WITHOUT compromising their Christian Values!

Want to identify your “POWER KEYS” to securing MORE Sales so that you can SHIFT from 5-Figure MONTHS to 6-figure QUARTERS?

$30,000 in 7 days!

“I sold 6 coaching packages for $5,000. Beverly Walthour, you are the most consistent coach I’ve ever met. I am inspired. Your coaching is timeless and produces rapid results when we do the work. People are still buying my highest packages.”

- Erica B.

Wealth & Marketplace Strategist

Closed $116,338 in 90 Days!

“My Confidence through the roof. Crystal clear on who I serve and how to speak to them through messaging. Clarity in WHY my program is set up the way it is and why it is priced the way it is. And of course.. closing sales left and right!?

- Dorianne F.

Career Strategist & Leadership Coach

You deserve support from someone who mirrors your Christian Values.

There’s no shortage of gurus, coaches and experts out there who really know their stuff! But the question is: are they truly aligned with your values?

As a Christian, I know that this is about MORE than just your business. It’s about your purpose and assignment here on Earth.

…And your purpose is nothing to play with!

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re well-versed in Scripture. So you know what happens with unequally yoked partnerships…

They fail. Epically.

You’re at the point in your life where you can’t afford to be derailed from your destiny. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to pour into women like you who are chasing purpose and not just a paycheck.

But, I can help you break every chain that’s keeping you from being the successful, Proverbs 31 (business) woman you’ve been called to be.

Closed a $50,000 VIP Client!

“I booked a TV show, a Radio Show, and a $50,000 VIP Client Today!  

YES, booking that Breakthrough call was the start of amazing things for me. “

Shamaka S.

Liberation Life Strategist

$3,000 after ONLY 8 days of working together!

“I made $10,000 from an organization. Praise the LORD!

Andrea M.

Parenting Coach

So, if you are An Established Christian Female Coach or Service Provider to a Coach who:

  1. Has sold a 4-Figure Offer ($1,000 or more)
  2. Has an audience
  3. Wants to generate $100k+ in 90 days using Kingdom Principles 

Then let’s chat! 

Ready to achieve your Freedom? Let’s get started today!

Building a business takes work, and my personalized 1:1 coaching and group programs cater to your unique demands. Together, we will get crystal clear on:

I made my Investment back the same day!

My intensive with Bev was just that intensive! Bev dug deep into my coaching offers and helped me restructure and reprice them to better align with the market and my expertise. Bev helped me pull out a more detailed version of my ideal client by digging deeper into her psychographics and real pain points so that I may speak her language.

Bev challenged me to up level my executive coaching offers and add another level. I took immediate action and saw immediate return on my investment by making some of the recommended adjustments and secured a new coaching client later that same day!

- Kim Dixon

Leadership Coach

Your NEXT LEVEL Clients are waiting for you. So, apply for a Call TODAY!

I have not finished calculating quite yet, but I generated over $30K during oru time toegether!!! May GOD continue to bless you and I look forward to working with you again!!

- Cassandra H.

Health and Wellness Coach

I have been through the 90-Day Accelerator and I closed $10,100 in 4 days.

During a pandemic

During the holiday season (November)

During the election online noise

Bev helped me GET IT DONE!

If you sleep on this program you are leaving MONEY ON THE TABLE! DM Bev today and sign up!

- Brenda U.

Life and Business Coach

I just start working with Beverly Walthour and within 1 week, she helped me show up. By me showing up to the tribe I am called to, I gained a $14,400 contract. Also, within 2 weeks of our meeting, it opened up another opportunity for me to more positive exposure and now I can be in front of my target audience more frequently. She is a gifted woman and she is taking others with her!

- Jurlonna H.

Business Coach