My name's Beverly, and I'm on a mission.

As the premier Business Strategist to female coaches & consultants, I’m here to help you create more INCOME & IMPACT without compromising your Christian Values.

Before I became a biz coach, I was a Math teacher for 14 years. I also started my 1st business in 2007.

My extensive experience as an educator and entrepreneur has allowed me to develop the unique gift of providing clarity to my clients. I’m able to help demystify the path to success with simple steps.

Even though I loved being an educator, I knew I was being called to something else.

Suddenly, I had lost the red hot passion I had for the classroom sooner than I thought I would. It was time to move on, but a sneaky little monster called “Fear” made me cling to the “security” of my job in a tanking economy.

So, if you’re at a crossroads right now and are feeling called to make a massive shift, know that it WILL be challenge you. But, it will also CHANGE you.

My life forever changed when I woke up one day and declared…

“God did not create me to wake up every day miserable.”

I craved time flexibility, financial freedom and control of my own destiny that being in the classroom just didn’t provide.

So, I quit. And what eventually happened next was nothing short of amazing.

I dibbled and dabbled as a trainer and found some success in an MLM business. But when I started asking women what they REALLY wanted to do (start a business), their answer made me realize that my purpose was to be a coach that poured into Christian female coaches & consultants who aspire to work full time in their businesses.

As a believer myself, I understood the unique challenges, fears, hang ups and frustrations.

So using all the skills I had acquired up until that point, these women demystified the path to success by helping them create consistent clients (in the span of 12 weeks or less!). They started getting amazing results and earning more consistent revenue.

Since then, I’ve supported women of faith all around the world by equipping, educating and empowering them with the system that helps them:

The results have been breathtaking. My clients have not only experienced clarity and focus, they’ve finally gotten a taste of the freedom they craved.

So, I’m guessing if you’re here, that’s what you want, too... right?

If so, you've come to the right place.

And if you want my personal help…

You can schedule a complimentary Get Clients Now Breakthrough session with me right now. I’ll be able to uncover your blind spots and help you map a plan to grow your business. .

..and if we’re a fit for each other, we can work together to help you create consistent clients & income in 12 weeks or less in YOUR coaching or consulting business!

Are you ready to fully step into your purpose, experience more freedom, and generate consistent revenue in your business?