4 Types of Offers You Can Have in Your Coaching or Consulting Business (Part 2)

As a Business Strategist for Christian female coaches & consultants, I help you attract high-paying clients in 12 weeks or less. One area in which I help my clients grow their business is to help them package and price their services. In this 4 Part Series, I outline 4 types of offers you can have in your business.

Part 2: Programs 

Your programs can be groups ranging in size from 3 on up. Your price range can be anywhere from $97+ and run anywhere from 3 hours to 12 months. Check out the video below to get all the information you need on creating your amazing group program!

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Beverly Walthour

Beverly Walthour is a Business Strategist for Christian female coaches and consultants. She helps you attract high paying clients in 12 weeks or less!

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