How to Use a Quiz to Build Your List

Recently I had the opportunity to try out Interact Quiz Builder, and I absolutely LOVED the experience.

First, I will give an overview of the platform, then I will share my personal experience!

Interact Quiz Builder Overview

There is probably not a soul on this planet (well maybe a few) who have not done one of those Facebook quizzes to see what type of ________ you are. I love the fact that I’m Dorothy from the Golden Girls! LOL. With Interact Quiz builder, you can create your very own! There are so many cool things about this platform.  Not only are there templates you can use, but you can also create your own quiz.

Since I was new to creating online quizzes for my business (although not new to created quizzes since I am a former teacher :-), I decided to use one of their templates. They had a couple for me to choose from. What I loved about the templates are that they are customizable! This way, I can make them feel like my own (including images, verbiage, logos, etc.).

Next, you have the option of connecting it to your email responder. This is awesome for building your list! So once you have your quiz the way you want it and connected to your email responder, it’s time to promote it. You have the flexibility to promote it in any way you see fit (on your social media pages, your website, your email signature…the possibilities are endless).

But wait, the fun is not over! The Interact Quiz Builder has an INCREDIBLE analytics feature. It allows you to see a variety of data such as quiz views, quizzes started, quiz completed, and conversions. You have all that wonderful information at your fingertips!


My Experience with Interact Quiz Builder 

I truly loved creating my quiz! What I liked the most was the ease of use and the ability to customize it to my liking. Since this was my 1st time out the gate, I was a little more conservative with the customizations. I wanted to make it as simple as possible. This platform made the process VERY  simple. Once I had it created, I promoted it on my social media pages. I did a one time on my Facebook and Instagram Pages and tweeted it out 3 times a day on Twitter all over about a two week period. I wanted to see what the results would look like with this type of promotion. Below is  a screenshot of my results:

As you can see from the data above, I had a 37% conversion rate which I think is awesome (especially since I did not promote it as much as I could have. I have 27 more people on my list! There is NO doubt in my mind that these numbers would have been MUCH HIGHER if I would have promoted it more. If I can get these results from this type of promotion, just think what will happen if I dedicate more time and effort. So, I’ve decided to create another quiz, and make the following tweaks:

  1. Customize it more for my audience. (I will probably create my own now that I have the hang of the platform)
  2. I will promote it a lot more on my social media pages.
  3. Run a Facebook Ad to get it in front of more people


I KNOW with these updates, I will see an increase in the number of leads I get! I will run the new one for a two week period and create another post with the updates.

Have you ever created a quiz? If so, what were the results?

If you are interested in creating a quiz yourself, check out my affiliate link for Interact Quiz Builder here!

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