What Type of Coach Are You? Take my fun quiz today!

Ever wonder what type of coach you are?

  • Ever wonder how you best serve your clients?
  • Do you find yourself attracting a certain type of client?
  • Ever think about how you show up to others?

My fun quiz will tell you just that :-). The results have been VERY ACCURATE!

Click here to take the quiz!

Come back to this post to tell me the results.

If you’re interested in creating your own quizzes, click here for my affiliate link!

What I LOVE about this platform (aside from using it to grow my list), is that it allows you to:
? Use their quizzes as is
? Modify their quizzes
? Create your own quizzes

They have a HUGE range of quiz topics to choose from. Below are SOME of the quiz categories:
? Business
? Career
? Coaching
? Copywriting
? Family & Parenting
? Finance
? Health & Fitness
? Marketing

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Beverly Walthour

Beverly Walthour is a TV & Radio Show Host. She is also a Multi 6-Figure Business Strategist for Christian female coaches. She helps them create more INCOME & IMPACT WITHOUT compromising their Christian Values.

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