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Hello Coaches!

As coaches, creating consistent revenue starts with building relationships in your business.

This starts with giving amazing value to your audience. I call this Passive Selling because it does not involve “contact” with your audience (and you don’t have the opportunity of hearing/reading the word “no”).

As you are delivering this value, start having conversations with them. I call this Intentional Selling because you are contacting your audience (and you do have the opportunity of hearing/reading the word “no”).

Both strategies are key to creating five-figure months in your coaching business. Intentional Selling is your fastest path to cash in your coaching business.

Below are ways for you to incorporate Passive and Intentional Selling.

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About The Author

Beverly Walthour

Beverly Walthour is a TV & Radio Show Host. She is also a Multi 6-Figure Business Strategist for Christian female coaches. She helps them create more INCOME & IMPACT WITHOUT compromising their Christian Values.