How to Identify Your Ideal Client

In my last article, I talked about how to generate a business idea. At that end of the blog, I mentioned that once you have a business idea or 2, the next step is to validate it. We will do this in two parts.

The first step to validating your business idea is to identify your ideal client.

Identifying Your Ideal Client

Many people struggle to narrow down who their ideal client due to fear. What??!! Fear?? How so??

If you do not want to narrow down your ideal client because you do not want to miss out on profit, then that is FEAR rearing its ugly hear.

Furthermore, if you say that everyone can benefit from your product/service, I seriously ask you to reconsider that concept.

When you are able to get specific about your ideal client, you are better able to do your marketing and promoting. How so you ask? Because when you market and promote your business, you should have your ideal client in mind. When you have a specific client in mind, you are able to market and promote with their pain points in mind.

Some people will use very general terms when describing their ideal client. They will say my ideal client is a professional woman, age 25-45, who makes at least $50,000 and want to start a business. There will be plenty of women who fit this description but are not your ideal client. This is okay to say in your elevator speech, but I encourage you to push a little deeper. How deep do you ask? At the bare minimum know:

  1. age
  2. gender
  3. income status
  4. location
  5. what he/she reads
  6. type of car driven
  7. marital status
  8. Any children
  9. career

And also:

  1. what the typical day looks like (including the weekends)
  2. where he/she goes on vacation (if vacations are taken)
  3. his/her hobbies
  4. his/her pain points
  5. his/her dreams and goals

I know you may be thinking, “man I’m all up in my ideal client’s business”!! As you should be J. When you know all these things about your ideal client, you are able to speak to their specific hopes and dreams. You are able to provide a product/services in which they would gladly pay for, because it will fill a missing need.

For many people, your idea client will share many of your characteristics. They are oftentimes you sometime in the past (could be the recent or distant past).

What I want you to do for the next two weeks, is really define who your ideal client is. Use this worksheet to help you. Feel free to reach out to me on social media to let me know how you are doing!

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