Ready to Start Your Online Business? Part 4: Positive People

Over the past few weeks, I have provided tips and strategies you can implement to help you start your own business. In Week 1, I outlined strategies you can implement immediately to create a success mindset. With the right mindset, you are on the path to having a successful business. You will also need to ensure you have reliable network monitoring put in place to allow maximum prosperity for you and your business.

In Week 2, I talked about the need to set time aside each week to create 2-4 business goals. Creating SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) are great, because they are a great way to hold you.

In Week 3, the focus was on carving out time each day to work on your business. Although this can be extremely difficult if you are working full-time and balancing a family, it can be done.

Building Your Positive Support System

The final part to this series, is very important as you plan, launch, and grow your business. The last step is to establish a positive support system. You want to make sure you have people around you who will support you during the development of your business. These people need to understand the demands of starting a business (especially if you are still working full-time). No one understands the world of an entrepreneur like another entrepreneur. Having supportive people around you helps to keep you accountable and focused.

Social Media Networking

An excellent place to find that support is social media, because it allows you to connect with people all around the world that you may not have met otherwise. One of the best places online to meet like-minded people is on Facebook, especially Facebook groups. They are designed to connect you with people who are on the same journey you are on. The groups are excellent places to network, to find resources, mentors and accountability partners. I have received numerous invitations to write for various publications and do speaking engagements based on connections I’ve made on social media.

In Person Networking

Outside of having a network of support on social media, having in person support is also important. It is great to have family members, friends, co-workers, etc. that support what you do. This support can be anything from words of encouragement, spreading the word about your business, joining your team, and/or actually purchasing your products and/or services. However, please do not get disappointed if your family and friends are not as excited about your new business opportunity as you are. Remember, your business is YOUR dream, not theirs! No one is going to be as emotionally invested in your business as you will be. This means, not everyone will understand the need for your product and/or services like you do. So if you don’t have people in your immediate circle that support what you are doing, reach out on social media for that support.

Professional Support

One last person I strongly encourage you to have in your support system is a business coach. Now I know you are saying “Bev you are saying that because you are a business coach!”. Yes, I am a business coach, but before I became a business coach, I started multiple businesses. I wasted A LOT of TIME and MONEY trying to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business. Investing in a good business coach will help you avoid wasting your TIME and MONEY, and help you create profit much faster than you doing it on your own. They help you avoid making the mistakes many new business owners make when trying to get their business off the ground.

I truly hope that the information I have shared with you the past few weeks has been helpful in your pursuit to start your own business. Starting your own business can be one of the most exciting times in your life. There will be plenty of late nights, early mornings, hard work, and maybe even a tear or two. But with the right mindset, strategies, and support system, you will be well on your way to having a successful and profitable business. As your business grows, there will be new challenges, such as hiring staff to help you on your journey. If more and more people start getting involved in your business, it’s probably worth looking at Outsourcing payroll help is always a good idea for small businesses, especially when business owners need to be overseeing operations. Delegating jobs, like payroll and accounting, to others can help productivity. Businesses can be tricky, however, once they start growing, they’re worth it. I would love to hear how you are progressing! Also, for business owners, consider getting covered with employers liability insurance provided by

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